Old Glory at church: What is independence?

Got a jump on the Fourth of July last Sunday with this performance of  my anthem to curbing one’s nationalism.

Four years ago I wrote a song encapsulating my feelings regarding blind nationalism called Old Glory. The lyrics will speak for themselves. All I can add is that the Independence we celebrate on this Day ought to include the ability to be independent in thought without fear.

A lofty goal that the Founding aimed at, but often failed to live up to. As has the republic that followed in the ensuing two centuries plus.

Having said that, there’s still no place that’s come closer to it on the planet. And I’ll do my part to keep it that way.


Home studio version at my Bandcamp.

Lyrics here.

Vid of last year’s church performance here.

Hurricanes and Earthquakes

Another personal nugget from the formation of the rock a la punk as played by Christians.

Wrote it in 1980. Was my main tune for a couple of years. The church band I was in did this at times starting in 1981. It made it all the way through the Visitors and the early days of the Lead and to my so-lo-fi Unrehearsed Walk 2 cassette in 1986. Where it has rested until revived for church couple of weeks ago.

Played through my ’78 Ibanez Strat and one of those little late ’90s battery powered amps encased in a cigarette pack.

Well there’s doubt in the air you can feel it everywhere
Look around and it seems like no one else has got a care
School’s been on my mind I’ve been thinking about a job
Forgetting about the Lord, forgetting about love

I’ve had so many chances and I’ve blown them one by one
My mind has been on myself and on having my fun
Or worrying about whether I’d be sent off to war
Or worrying about whether I would smash up my car

But I know there’s going to be a change now
Cause the Lord has dragged me out of the hole I put myself in

And it’s good to be back
Back on the track
To the calling of my Lord
In Him I’ll handle the changes
First to last
Everything has been taken good care of

There ain’t no push and shove on the road to Heaven
The time is short the clock strikes eleven
And the earth is enmeshed in Satan’s desperate wiles
The nations have taken turns on the Lord’s name and they’ve defiled

I am where I am, where I was meant to be
There’s work to do I feel it true for the Lord’s glory
There’s hurricanes and earthquakes all along the way
But I can do anything as long as I do it in His name

And this time, we’re gonna rip right into it
Sound the guitars put on the armor and pick up your sword

And it’s good to be back
Back on the track
To the calling of my Lord
In Him I’ll handle the changes
First to last
Everything has been taken good care of

King of Kings and Lord of Lords


Back in 1979, my 19-year-old self put a tune around Revelation 19:11-16.  It was one of the first Christian-themed songs I’d ever written.

More recently, Nina Llopis drew from the same set of verses for her song “Dressed In A Robe” which is one of the tracks we’re working on for the Lead’s reunion project.

So I couldn’t resist dusting off my old arrangement and doing a little restructuring to it. I’m actually thinking about laying down a scratch track for Robbie to drum to from his home studio in Tampa, and we’ll see where it goes from there.

Those verses describe the real “war to end all wars” (at least for the following 1,000 years) which will happen sometime in the future. So I aired my arrangement for church for Memorial Day, just me on acoustic and vocals. I didn’t sing it half-bad for once. Here it is:

And I saw Heaven opened
And behold a white horse
And He that sat upon it
Was called Faithful and True

And in righteousness
He doth judge and make war
His eyes were a flame of fire
And on His head were many crowns

And He had a name written that no man knew but he himself
And He was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood, His name is called the Word of God

And the armies that were in Heaven followed Him on
White horses clothed in file linen white and clean
And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword
That with it He should smite the nations

And He shall rule them with a rod of iron
And He treadeth the winepress
Of the fierceness and wrath
Of the Almighty God

And he hath on His vesture and on His thigh a name written: KING OF KINGS & LORD OF LORDS

Here’s the Lead’s demo of Dressed In A Robe from 2012:

Cigar Box Country Easter Grindcore Blues (or, the latest version of Roll the Rock)

Nothing more appropriate for Easter morning at church than a country blues standard played on an amplified Shane Speal cigar box guitar.

Roll the rock, Lord
Roll the rock onto my sin
Roll the rock, Lord
Onto disease and pestilence
Roll the rock, Lord
Roll the rock onto my death
Roll the rock, roll the rock, roll the rock

Oh to see Who’s at that right hand
Oh to see Who’s in glory above
Oh to see them put them plastic wings on
Oh to see the True Face of Love

Oh to see this whole world dipped in Clorox
Oh to feel my pride cut to the bone
Oh to see it all taken apart and shown me
Oh to see the payoff to the loan

Throw down your chains, boys, because it’s time to go

More on the tune here.


Yes, this is what angry-old-fartdom looks like.

A million clicks
Come on, prove your claim
Your ideology
Indicates your brain

I’m sick of the game
Believe what you want
Nothing will change
Everyone stays wrong

The world wants to commit
Suicide by you
It’s something you eat
Or something you do

No one knows where to go
Everyone has a map
Every philosophy has its wonks
Every community its trash

Answer no questions and always tell lies
Always maintain the element of surprise
First win the game then you’ll know the prize



Another pop punker written in the early 80s, revived for my church performance today. This one has some Cold War references in it. Reflecting my fanhood of the Clash at the time, as well as my disagreement with their ideology.

Putting all these songs together, maybe they deserved better than to get released on a badly-mixed cassette three or four years after they got written. Maybe it’s time for their due. Maybe there’s an Unrehearsed Walk 3 in the future.

Oh, and if I’m sick of putting my tired old mug on YouTube playing guitar every week, you’re probably doubly-sick of looking at it. Let’s spare each other and just do audio. Just hit play and close your eyes as always…

It’s 1 am but before I sleep I’ve got something to say
I’ve been praying my way through a hard set of days
This world is tired of the gunfire
This world is walking down a wire
Maybe it’s time it should snap

 Revolutions come I’ve lost count but it’s all done in vanity
They say it’s the people in power but it looks like greed to me
The power comes to those with the guns
The starving die when the money’s gone
Or else at the paredon 
Looking out for number one

But I’m far and so far thank God i don’t need to worry about the tribunals
But the devil’s on my back, I hate to feel his tempting claws
Without God I know I’d be dead by now
With him a struggle is a show of his power
Power I don’t always use
And I start to sing the biues

I ain’t gonna go round crying and screaming doomsday
But the fact is he’s coming and he’s coming any day
It’s been 2,000 rough years when the day was foretold
2,000 years that we’re that much closer to home

 All I tell you is believe in the power that changes lives
Jesus can do what we could never in 1,000 tries
Though you wait to see him, you can meet him
He knows your thoughts and he has a perfect heart

Change the World Tomorrow

You see? Sometimes I can be positive.

Change The World Tomorrow

My agency’s free for those that love me
Above principle, above a party
Any opportunity, any system to game
With Biblical compass I will feel no shame

Caesar has what is his, Caesar’s nothing but us
I won’t lie or steal but I can make a deal
No line I won’t sign when it’s obviously time
if it pushes back the sorrow
I’ll change the world tomorrow

Keep the ones closest closest to your heart
Every love on this earth will soon sorrowfully part
Risen Lazarus’ bones went back to the sand
Savor each day you can hold a hand

Remember the faces, soon they will change
Each favorite book comes to its last page
Savor each need and know in your sorrow
That the Lord will redeem
He’ll change the world tomorrow

Binge watching the clock until you’re dead

Binge-watching. Great phrase, but why stop at TV shows? Here’s some happy-go-lucky word association lyrics with some poop culture thrown in.

Binge Watching

Binge watching the Justin Bieber trial
Binge watching life’s very last mile
Binge watching the pillow on your head
Binge watching the clock until you’re dead

Reality shows reality blows
Reality knows reality throws

NEW VERSE 3/14/14!!!!!!!!!!!!

Binge watching idiotic selfie celebs
Binge watching your butt on Mt St Helens
Binge watching on a hi def three inch screen
Binge watching your eyelids as they dream


I look in your eyes
I know they don’t look back
I stay out of your way
You always turn your back

I don’t know you any more
I guess I don’t really care
Dying slowly in these four walls
Teeth smiling in despair

“I won’t tell you how devoted I am, I fall way below the standard”

On Sunday mornings I’ve been revisiting the punk tunes with Christian lyrics that I wrote from 1980-1984, pre The Lead, pre The Visitors, pre hardcore turn. There’s quite a few of them, and not many people in the world were doing work like this. Just throwing them out there. Altar Boys beat me to the punch (the punk?) in 1983. I never heard of LSU until even later. Anyway, more vids to come. This one was played at church on 2/16/14.

Get Over It

The most hateful phrase out there these days in our political wonderland USA. It’s telling you, if whatever you voted for loses, you have to eat it and shut up. Whether it’s socialized healthcare or sending the army out to police the world. This song says don’t shut up. Just wrote it now.

Get Over It

You voted against it but you lost
You must live with it with the cost
The people have spoken bigger than you
Shut up and bend over here comes the screw

We won – get over it
You lost – get over it
We won – get over it
You lost – get over it
We won – get over it
You lost – get over it
We won – get over it
You lost – get over it

Here comes our world, like it or not
With drones on our side your guns have no shot
Bomb all enemies to hell, redistribute your wealth
Gather all your data, enforce your good health


This place has sure gone crazy, huh? Basically what’s happening is:

1. notsilent.net will become my portfolio website, so everything that was there is now here.

2. Area1234 will become my music website EXCEPT:

3. The Lead will get its own website and,

4. Frank’s Enemy will get its own website and,

5. The Not Silent Store will close down and be absorbed by all the other sites.

Hope this sets y’all’s minds at ease. If ya’ll’s cares that is….


Going to sing this at church tomorrow Lord willing. It’s got a dance groove, believe it or not….


I am the ghost
Of the child i once was
On this train
We ghosts ride daily on

The memories of the past
The pure thing once called me
That’s the real thing
that I’ll never again be

Unfettered by memories

I am a ghost of what i was and what ill never again be
Erasing the mistakes of my memories

My fellow faces
They’re lined and aging
But in their minds
And into their mirrors

They are restaging
De-aging, from clouds they see
What are our joys
But those future ghosts to be

I am a ghost of what i was and what ill never again be
Erasing the mistakes of my memories

Little children
Try to hang on tight
Little children
It might be alright

Demons Walk The Earth/Lully Lullay

Demons Walk The Earth/Lully Lullay

Lully Lullay

Sometimes I think
That demons walk the earth
If I forget
How much our lives are worth

Oh forgive me Lord
Oh forgive me Lord

Sometimes I think
That demons walk the earth
Taking the precious
Grind it into the dirt

Oh forgive me Lord
Oh forgive me Lord

Lully Lullay

Sometimes I think
The demons walk the earth
But for Your grace
I’m just a pile of dirt

Oh forgive me Lord
Oh forgive me Lord


Killing Marx With Marx

Started reading Communist Manifesto a few weeks ago. Very inspirational. This’ll prolly be another 30-second blur.

Killing Marx with Marx

Near 200 years
Your kite has flown
Forget the bodies
Of the hundred million
Forget the wars
You goaded on
Just look at
The exploitation

You equalled nothing
You abolished nothing
You destroyed nothing
You just changed hands

You overcame nothing
You settled nothing
Your kampf only birthed
A new bourgeoisie

The Lead – Religion No Rite (In Your Face Again) (Julio Rey demo 2012) – download at Area 1234

See, this is what happens when you have too many sites all over the landscape. I actually had posted this last month at Area 1234 and forgot to link it here. Sorry.

Here’s my second demo for the Lead’s upcoming reunion EP. I think the song works out well so far but I’d really like to hear it with Rob on drums as opposed to a generic dance drum loop.

Anyway you can download it here, read the lyrics here, and stream it here.



Lyric: Religion No Rite (In Your Face Again)

Words for demo #2 I’m currently working in for Lead EP Nina and Rob and I are planning….

(1/11/12: cleaned up last verse)
(3/11/12: changed one line)

Religion No Rite (In Your Face Again)

Once upon a time the fall from grace
The Father said get thee from my place
Became the Son, came down, died in your face
Cleared the way back to grace through faith
Spirit-filled martyr’s blood soaked the ground
Buried in rags they stayed down
The kings stepped in put in their claims
Forced their rules upon the game

So once upon a time later today
You sign up for the fire escape
Get rewarded with a clean slate
The Blood is strong it covers your hates
But verse upon verse upon verse upon verse
Aimed at you and not the cursed
Not being deceived and God not mocked
The weight of the cross for you to take up

Religion no rite
Gun you aim for the mind of Christ
Didn’t take long to lose sight
In the halls of the councils high

No fire doesn’t mean that higher
There won’t be a reason to cry, or
That you will not be standing trial
Watching tape of every mile
And so worship and worship to taste
One thing proves if you worship to waste
Windows dressed as you see fit
But the valley before you how do you cross it?

Moral dilemmas: prepare, they’re coming
And there’s no room left for running
No slippery slope temptations
But painted corners, no win situations
Just one chance, happiness at stake
A heart you love you must break
Choices consequences how do you withstand them
And still obey His commandments?

Time to get in your face again

Religion no rite
Gun you aim for the mind of Christ
Didn’t take long to lose sight
In the halls of the councils high

Frank’s Enemy – @anonymous (download at area1234)

I guess now’s as good a time as any for me to tell you that I have long-term plans to release a full-length Frank’s Enemy project. Frank’s Enemy’s been putting stuff out here and there sporadically since 2002, and all of it will be included in the full-length (with some additional work on the tracks). But again, this is long-term. I’ve also made some long-term plans involving a new Lead EP with Nina and Rob. In my life, the only short-term plans I have involve work and parenting and husbandry.

But I digress. Here’s a little thrasher I slapped together in the ridiculously short time of two or three weeks. I had shared the lyrics here when I wrote them a couple of months ago. Just some ruminations on the infamous hacktivist group that’s been getting into the hair of giant corporations such as the Church of Scientology and Gene Simmons and some government intel conglomerate. They’ve really become a 21st-century version of the Vikings or the Mongols.

Last verse is food for thought, imagining some cyber-Armageddon pitting Anonymous against Muslim radicals.

The download is here, if you have the guts to register. I will not forget…..

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